Anxiety is signalized by a feeling of fear, worry, nervousness or discontent. These have direct effects on how we feel and behave. And can cause health issues and behavior change.


  • Sweating, dizziness ,breathlessness
  • Worry and irrational fear from certain objects
  • Change in sleeping schedule
  • Unwanted predictions of images and situations
  • Avoidance behavior

Anxiety is an emotion induced by feelings like stress, tension and worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and quickening of breath. It is a general term for numerous illnesses that cause uneasiness, fear, hesitation, nervousness, and worrying. This disorder harmfully affects how you feel and behave and can cause physical symptoms.

Anxiety creates some hormones such as adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol that boost the angry reactions in your body.  Sometimes, anxiety is known as the ‘fight-or-flight’ response and a rush of adrenaline increase irritability activities.

Types of Anxiety:

Anxiety disorders can be categorized into six main types, which are as follow:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobia
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Separation anxiety disorder


Anxiety isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it can inspire you and help you stay focused to perform your best under small pressure. But when it takes a form of enormous worries, fears, and panic that attacks start to get in the way of your life, means you are suffering from a serious disorder called Anxiety. It is time to take action to protect yourself from this disease. For this, you have knowledge about the symptoms of this disorder.


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