Physical Health

As we all know that mind and the body are deeply connected and influence each other. So, in order to maintain physical health one needs to keep his mind healthy.


  • Diabetes & cancer
  • Heart conditions
  • Headaches
  • Psychological support to caregivers

“Managing the physical health is strongly associated with the looking after mental health.”

Physical Health is about creating aspects for healthy eating, active living, and self-care practices that will help to fit you and maintain your health and wellness. A Physical Health supports the proper care of your bodies for finest well being and functioning.

There are numerous components of physical fitness that all must be cared for together. Overall Physical health promotes the balance of physical activity, healthy sleep, best nutrition, and mental well-being to keep your body always in full fitness and energetic mode. It allows you to take care of personal responsibility for your own health.

Actual Means of Physical Health or Physical Health

  • Maintaining an active lifestyle
  • Eating nutritiously
  • Seeing a doctor for regular check-ups
  • Limiting alcohol & tobacco use
  • Sleeping enough to feel rested
  • Practicing safer sex

 Strategies to Enhance Your Physical Health

Find time in your busy schedule to enhance your physical wellness. Here, we provide some strategies to be active yourself physically, which include:

  • Set small goals. During breaks, go for a quick walk.
  • Take yoga, fitness, sport or other recreation programs offered on campus that you can attend before or after class
  • Schedule an activity with a friend so you can support each other in being active
  • Analyze your eating habits to help you stay on track
  • Taking a balanced breakfast is necessary to fuel your body and mind

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