Addiction is symbolized by excessive consumption of products like alcohol, cocaine, cannabis or continuous engagement in activities like gambling, gadgets, sex to the extent that it begins to affect one’s health.


  • Strong and uncontrollable desire to consume a product
  • Unable to limit the consumption
  • ignore other activities and responsibilities
  • Increase in consumption of product when stressed
  • Decline in work performance.
  • Feeling irritated during the absence of product
  • Anxious

Addiction Counselling views serious and problematic use of a substance or behavior as far more serious as it being simply a symptom of underlying issues – although inevitably such underlying issues are present. The problematic and addictive elements of one’s life are assessed first and foremost. It is only after an appropriate evaluation of what is underway can a specialized treatment plan be developed that is intended to assist the individual in difficulty to achieve their goals for a better life.

Addiction Counselling is a wonderful process which helps individuals to avoid their bad habits. The primary aim of this counselling is to help someone in difficulty in their efforts to address and take action as to what needs to be done. It allows an intensive exploration of the sources of the addictive behavior and enables the person to reach a level of self- understanding that’s essential to a good recovery. It aims to assist in the following ways:

  • To strengthen self-worth.
  • To find positive ways to manage stressful events and emotions.
  • To learn how to react to common substance and behavioral triggers.
  • To develop practical skills for dealing with cravings.
  • To assist the individual with a confidential session helps to reduce their bad practices.
  • To become responsible and compliant with other remedy plans.

The counsellor role is to facilitate the client’s growth in ways which respect the person’s values, personal resources and capacity for self-determination, leading to lifelong recovery.

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